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Testimonials From Past Immigration Clients

Amie is AWESOME! A few years ago, I found myself in a hopeless situation with immigration. Amie guided me through the dark and scary place known as immigration. It felt great having someone experienced and knowledgeable on your side. Now I can work in the U.S. with no worries. — U.V.

We had a really great experience with Amie. She is simply the best. We had consulted with many attorneys before Amie Miller and were definitely not happy. After consulting with Amie, I knew right away that Amie is the one. She has really saved us – the immigration issue we had for years was already resolved by Amie’s help. I am so happy that we chose Amie to represent our case. Thank you so much Amie. I highly recommend Amie to anyone who is struggling with Immigration. Amie is simply the best attorney I ever had. Thank you so much again Amie. You saved my family! — S.S.

Amie has literally saved my life-in-America! She so graciously took on my case and with her diligence and expertise helped make me a green-card holder! I owe her my current status here in the U.S. and highly recommend her for any immigration issues that my expat friends/connections may have! — A.A.

She helped me win my case!‎ I just knew from the moment I met her, that she will be the person that I will trust with my Asylum case. She made me feel very comfortable and listened to my story. I ultimately owe my success to her great advice and experience. I would definitely recommend to work with her! Thank you Amie! — C.T.

Amie Miller is by far the most honest, friendly, upfront and gracious lawyer. We received immediate and professional attention when we contacted her on a friend’s recommendation. Meeting her was a huge blessing and relief for me and my partner. From our first meeting with Amie, we knew we were in good hands. She handled our issues with professionalism, directness and explained everything very clearly. With Amie’s help, my partner received her green card in a few short years. We would not go anywhere else for legal immigration counsel. All these years, we engaged her service even for minor immigration issues because we know she cares and is very efficient. We highly recommend Amie Miller!! — H. C.

I first met Amie in the late 90s when she worked for a law firm I was referred to. My case was handed over to her by the senior partner at the firm. Amie was engaging, personable, knowledgeable and a superb partner to work with. She is very passionate about her work and comes at it from personal experience – I remember her saying she was drawn to immigration law after seeing the trauma immigration caused to friends, neighbors and people around her while growing up in Miami. My case was a complex case – a plea for asylum based on facts that made success seem like a long stretch, if not impossible. Amie handled the case deftly and surprised me and everyone who heard of the amazing results. I literally spent the next several years working with Amie – transitioning from a refugee travel document and eventually to a green card and finally to a U.S. passport just in time to vote in the elections last year. Amie is soft spoken and quiet and this belies her amazing energy and resilience. In all these years she became a trusted advisor, responding to emails and calls I sent her before I made any moves that could impact my immigration status and receiving prompt, detailed and clear information from her. She was there every step of life’s big changes, starting with me as a recent undergrad to a married man and through a number of job changes and postgraduate experiences. I continue to refer my best friends to her and have no hesitation to refer you. Once you retain her, you will understand what I mean! — C. W.

It’s hard to sum Amie Miller’s professional law services with words. Anyone who’s ever dealt with immigration knows how intimidating the experience is. Amie is not only an excellent immigration lawyer, knowledgeable and professional, but she has a compassion that is rare to find. I have been using her immigration services for quite some time now. Our “romance” started with handling my visa issues, continued with green-card and my permanent resident card and we are now on our way to naturalization citizenship. I can simply say that I wholeheartedly recommend Amie’s law services for any immigration issues. She brings a rare human empathy to a somewhat unpleasant immigration processes. Simply put, If you have immigration issues, you need Amie Miller by your side. — E. M.

Amie D. Miller ESQ. helped me and my wife during our K1 Visa process tremendously, by keeping us up-to-date and aware of Immigration law changes and amendments that would have otherwise delayed my wife’s immigration to the U.S. Amie has always been a pleasant, patient, kind and an extremely professional representative for us. Our K1 Visa was thorough and complete, and the approval process was a breeze, largely due to the fact that she had us properly prepared well in advance, and ready for an absolutely positive outcome. We strongly recommend her for any and all immigration needs. Thanks again, Amie! — H. & A. G.

I recommend Amie for her work with my family concerning legal matters. Amie’s research and extensive efforts to learn more about our situation, made her very knowledgeable for our case. Her advice and preparations were a main factor in giving us a successful result in what is considered an extremely emotional issue. Amie always made us feel confident and secure. — J.B. and E.P.

I wholeheartedly, and without reservations, recommend Amie Miller if you are looking for an immigration attorney. I had full confidence in Amie and she has demonstrated complete competence in handling my case from the very beginning and through my green card application process. She provided careful and sound advice, and most importantly, she explained the process and informed me of all my options so I can make informed decisions. This is very empowering for me as I learned the process, and know what I am getting myself into. We all know it can be an intimidating and sometimes unpleasant experience dealing with the immigration bureaucracy. Amie brings with her expertise a rare form of compassion and empathy for the client that I have come to greatly appreciate. In short, if you have to go through the immigration process, you should go with Amie Miller, competent and compassionate. I bet you cannot find this anywhere else in the Bay Area. — R. L

Amie is a very personable and friendly immigration attorney who helped us out on multiple occasions. Her expert knowledge helped us avoid immigration pitfalls by correcting errors from the immigration department. Her timeliness and persistence on filing dates kept us on-track for filing. I have highly recommended her for any legal needs regarding immigration. — R. S.

Great Immigration attorney!‎ I found Ms. Miller very effective and knowledgeable; she walked me through the process exactly as it unfolded and was direct and exact about every step including payment. Overall, I recommend Amie for any immigration related case. She is very pleasant and also prompt about getting the latest updates from the USCIS (important in this constantly changing immigration landscape …) — T. M. ‎

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