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Expert Representation With Marriage Visas In San Francisco

Family immigration is at the forefront of my practice at the Law Office of Amie D. Miller. I take great satisfaction in helping to unite families through the immigration process. As a California State Bar Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law, I have extensive expertise and experience to help you navigate the immigration process successfully.

Many people often wonder if they should marry and immigrate or, if they should apply for a fiancé(e) visa and then marry after the visa is granted and they enter the United States. As your attorney, I can help you explore which situation best fits your circumstances. Contact me today to find out how I can help you be united with a loved one. I also offer virtual teleconferencing consultations for your convenience.

When Should You File For A Marriage Visa?

Another big question many married couples have is whether they should file for a marriage visa once they are both in the United States or if they should apply while both or one of the spouses is still in their native country. I can help assess your situation to see which process would work best for your situation.

If your spouse is overseas.

  • I will first help you complete and file the paperwork for the petition in the United States.
  • I will then help you prepare the necessary paperwork and documentation for the next stage of the process through the consulate office closest to your overseas spouse’s residence.
  • I will put my experience to work for your family when seeking a visa for a same-sex spouse — now qualify as “spouses for all immigration purposes”

As your attorney, I will guide you through the paperwork and documentation requirements, preparing and filing the most persuasive application tailored to your situation. I can also help you speed up the process by preparing the paperwork for the second stage while we wait for a decision on the initial stage. By being proactive and prepared, we can cut down on the amount of time you spend on the marriage or spouse visa application process and speed up your reunion with your loved one.

If you and your spouse are already in the U.S.

It may be possible to file for permanent residence from within the United States. There are important eligibility factors to consider before filing for a green card and I will review these with you to make sure you do not jeopardize your status.

These factors include reviewing your criminal record, your previous visa history and any statements made to immigration authorities. I will help you prepare the required document packet for permanent residence, help you prepare for the required interview, and I will attend the United States interview with you.

Consult With An Experienced San Francisco Marriage Visa Lawyer Today

If you have been married less than two years at the time your application for permanent residency is approved, then you will become a conditional resident, which means you must file a petition to take conditions off before the two-year anniversary of permanent residency approval (not the anniversary of your marriage). I can also help you with this process.

To learn more about how I can help you obtain permanent residence through marriage, contact me today by sending me an email or calling me at 415-362-8602.