An experienced and compassionate attorney helping you achieve your immigration dreams

Helping Entertainers And Artists Obtain Visas In California

Entertainers, musicians and artists from around the world want to bring their stories, sounds and visions to American audiences. As a skilled immigration and naturalization attorney, I can help open the doorways to accomplish that goal.

At the San Francisco based Law Office of Amie D. Miller, I have successfully achieved immigration visas for a wide range of entertainers, from previously unknown performers to globally recognized stars. I am certified by the State Bar of California as a Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law, and I am recognized within the legal community for offering ethical, experienced and effective counsel to people seeking visas to the U.S.

I am dedicated to providing my clients close, personal service and a guiding hand through the visa, immigration or citizenship process.

Pursuing The Right Extraordinary Ability Or Culturally Unique Visa For You

Artists and entertainers can pursue special visas to enter and stay in the United States. The immigration process recognizes that artists have a special and culturally unique skill to contribute, and as a result, the government has provided pathways for people to bring that ability to the country.

Whether we pursue an O-1 visa, which provides immigration opportunities for entertainers or artists of extraordinary ability, or a P-3 visa, which allow artists to bring their culturally unique talents to American audiences, I can help you build your case, file the correct application and pursue a appeal, if needed.

My office works with a wide range of talented artists, including:

  • Musicians
  • Dancers
  • Painters
  • Photographers
  • Authors
  • Many more

I have a reputation among peers and clients for focused, knowledgeable and reliable representation. I have the tools to work with internationally recognized artists and a passion for helping unknown talents find a path to success in the US.

Helping Global Artists Bring Their Talents To America

As a musician, I share a passion for the arts and the value of cultural exchange. As an immigration lawyer, I have the knowledge, experience and ability to help people from around the world succeed. To schedule an online teleconference with me, send me an email or call me locally at 415-362-8602. Find out more about how I can help you bring your artistic vision to the U.S.