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What Are The Immigration Consequences Of Criminal Convictions?

If you are not a U.S. citizen and have been arrested, you require an experienced immigration attorney who understands the immigration consequences of your potential conviction.

The Law Office of Amie D. Miller has years of experience providing counsel on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. Many crimes — including minor misdemeanors or convictions that occurred many years ago — can have a devastating impact on immigration status, even for long-time permanent residents.

Don’t Enter A Plea Without Speaking To An Immigration Attorney

If you are not a United States citizen and have been arrested for a crime, it is very important that you contact an immigration attorney prior to entering a plea when possible to be sure you understand the impact of the conviction on your immigration status.

As an attorney with experience both in criminal defense and immigration, I can effectively and thoroughly advise criminal defense attorneys and non-United States citizens at all stages of the criminal proceedings to determine the possible pleas with the least impact on immigration status.

If you already have a conviction, I have extensive experience advising and representing people who have arrests and/or convictions with their applications for immigration status and waivers for convictions with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and U.S. consulates overseas. I put my experience in criminal and immigration law to effectively prepare creative strategies to defend my clients in Immigration Court. I have many times successfully defended people who came to me with what initially appeared to be a hopeless case.

While no attorney can ever guarantee success, I always guarantee that I will fully use my years of experience and expertise to zealously advocate your case.

Don’t Leave Your Future To Chance. Contact Lawyer Amie D. Miller Today.

Find out more about my expertise with the immigration consequences of criminal convictions, my commitment to clients and my proven ability to overcome immigration issues that arise from convictions by calling 415-362-8602 in San Francisco or contacting my office online to schedule an in-person consultation or a virtual teleconference call.