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Helping Immigrants With Waivers In California

If you have a criminal conviction, have been accused of fraud or overstayed your visa and then tried to re-enter the country, it can be very difficult to apply for a visa or permanent residency. The immigration system has a number of rules that prevent people with certain negative experiences from receiving temporary or permanent legal status.

With an experienced immigration lawyer, there are situations where you can seek a waiver or forgiveness. While these cases can be very difficult, they can also often be won, particularly for clients facing extreme hardship.

At the Law Office of Amie D. Miller in San Francisco, I help people who have convictions, have been accused of fraud or have been unlawfully present in the United States find a pathway to legal status. Consult with me to learn more about your immigration options.

Helping You Make Your Immigration Case Stronger

For many families, the removal or deportation of a loved one can cause extreme hardship, particularly if the person facing removal is the primary source of income and support. By analyzing your case, negotiating with immigration officials and working hard to seek relief, I am able to advocate on your behalf in order to make your case stronger.

I help clients throughout California and across the globe file and petition for waivers to remain in or enter the United States.

There are many situations that can lead immigration authorities to seek removal or to deny a visa application. Among those reasons are:

  • Conviction on a criminal charge
  • Misrepresentation on immigration applications
  • Use of fraudulent documents
  • Misuse of a visa
  • Living in unlawful status and then departing the United States

Helping You Recognize An Immigration Problem

Many of the clients I work with may not even realize that they are facing an immigration challenge and the need to seek a waiver. If, for example, you previously overstayed a visa but returned to the United States without trouble, you could be facing a 3 or 10 year bar that would prevent approval of your adjustment of status application. Or, you may have unknowingly used a visa for a purpose that was not allowed. Once you suspect or have realized there may be a problem, it is important to get help quickly and work with an immigration attorney you can trust.

As your attorney, I can help you build a strong waiver or help you appeal to immigration officials, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) or Administrative Appeals Office (AAO).

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